Covid-19: How we’re dealing with Coronavirus

Here at Emerald Garden, we are heavily focused on the health and wellness of all of our staff and our amazing customers. We cherish your business and respect your needs.

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Thank you for working with us during this difficult and uncertain time. We appreciate your loyalty and commitment to us as a business and as your patient advocates.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay indoors, wash your hands, and practice physical social distancing.


1. You must wear a facial covering or mask if you wish to enter. (Curbside is available and we will have masks for sale soon.)

2. Do not stay longer than 10 minutes. If you do, please be prepared to provide your contact info and State ID number for virus tracking purposes in the event of contraction.

3. MAINTAIN 6 feet between yourself, the cashier & other customers.

4. There is currently no smelling, testing or touching of products allowed.

We know this is inconvenient but we value the health and safety of our customers, employees and community above all. Thank you for your patience.