Methods of Delivery


Smoke or vaporized medicine enters the bloodstream directly from the lungs.
The onset is immediate and the duration of effect is 2-4 hours.
Flower and vaping products.


With oral use, absorption is slow and results typically are seen within 60-120 minutes after ingestion.
The duration of effects is typically 6- 8 hours.
Edibles, drinks, tinctures.

Oral/ Mucosal

Tinctures or lozenges dissolved in the mouth (not swallowed). The medicine will enter the blood-stream through the mucous membranes.
Onset is 15-60 minutes and the duration of effects is 4-6 hours.


Applied to the skin for local relief in salve or balm form. Local effects only, does not enter the blood-stream.
Onset is 15 minutes and effects last 2-4 hours.


Patch or gel that is applied to the skin and absorbed into the blood-stream.
Onset is about 15 minutes and the effects can last 12 hours with the transdermal patch and 4 hours with gel.

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